We spend a decent amount of money to have a great hair colour on a regular basis – and then it disappears before we enjoy it! The cheapest hair colour is the kind we will last for as long as possible and there are several tricks to stretch the colour and prevent it from changing too fast. Let’s find out the tips to stop my hair color from fading.

Smarter Swim

Guard the sun and chlorine in your hair. Using a hair care system with SPF to prevent the colour fading in the light, swimming pool and ocean. A product with sunflower oil is perfect because it also has hair safety antioxidants.

Don’t overuse hot instruments

Staying away from your hot tools for the first week after coloring your hair will also help stop fading colors, says the popular colorist. Hot equipment like blow dryers and straighteners actually accelerate the colour decline process. Whilst these tools are often required, it is better to stay away after you colour your hair the first week or so.

Wait as long as possible to wash your hair

New dry shampoo items on the market can be a blessing for new-colored hair because colour lasts longer if you wash less.blonde hair

Try a filter for a shower

This removes toxins, chlorine and minerals from your water in your tub. Strong water strips the colour of your hair and natural oils, reducing the colour rinsing of your hair.

Prepare your hair until you paint

Using a chelating shampoo one or two days before the colour service to eliminate the product styling. You would also like to use a profound conditioning mask once a week to bring moisture back into the hair, so the colour does not fade when you turn the colour on.

Using a thermal protector

This protects from heat damage from equipment for styling. Thermal protective agents help minimize colour fade by maintaining hair integrity in good shape.

Less Deep Condition

Although deep conditioning or home masks are a good idea prior to colour, a rich brunette or dynamic red can become faded. The conditioner or mask is intended to moisturize deep into the hair follicle. So these are the tips for preventing hair color from fading.

However when rinsed out the colour molecule is applied to it which results in the colour decay. In order to prevent this a decent regular conditioner will make the trick (do not leave it for a long time).