Ever wondered the sound that is heard in your hair?  What is the sound that is caused by the static force in the hair? There are certain things that cause our hair to be filled with static electricity. Please do not freak out because of the word electricity. Let us read below to know what are the causes of static hair and find out the remedies.

You would remember playing with your hair with a plastic ruler. Rubbing hard against the head and placing it to carry away tiny bits of paper. It was absolute fun. Right? It is just that the transfer of electrons that takes place from the head to the ruler and giving the ruler to power to attract the papers.

What causes static hair?

Our hair contains electrons and this gives the ability for hair to be a conductor of static electricity. It is just simple science. Hair has static electricity, during the dry winter that has no humidity or moisture. This charges the electrons. Sometimes this nature of static hair annoys us. Have you seen the reasons for static hair now we will get into the remedies?

hair has static electricity

You can go for a hair conditioner

During the winter your hair can get frizzy and dry because your hair has static electricity. Using a hair conditioner can help to lock moisture in the air and blocks the causes of static hair. This is also helpful to hydrate your hair and make your hair look healthy and shiny.

Check out an ionic hair dryer

This eliminates the factors that cause static hair as it emits negative ions. This will act as a neutralizer and balance is their electrons in your hair. Ionic hair dryer highly recommended causes minimal damage to the hair.

Try out hairspray

Use a Hair spray after you leave them on the comb before you use them on the hair. This will evenly spread out the hair spray and reduce the flyaways. Use it adequately as overdoing can cause hand damage.

Yes to moisturizers and No to plastic comb

Scalp oils can have a significant impact for hydrating the hair. Coconut milk avocado banana shea butter and egg can work out wonderfully hair.  These ingredients are very good during the winter season as they reduce the factors that cause static electricity in hair. Plastic combs are the main reasons for static hair. It is better to switch to some wooden metallic or ceramic combs.

Love your oil hair and braid it

Oiling your hair at least twice a week cancer was the best remedy for reducing the static hair. They soak your hair with nutrients and completely get rid of static hair. Before you sleep to make it a practice, to put a bun or braid your hair. This will keep your hair in control while you sleep and reduce the building up of reasons for static hair.