It is a general practice with young girls and sometimes even old people to try out a lot of DIY remedies. Some are truly good. There is abundant information flowing over the internet. And the most common information that you can notice is the addition of lemon or lemon juice for fairness remedies and fresh glowing skin. You know that lemon is full of antioxidants and it is from Mother Nature, which no chemicals added. Having filled with all good things, is lemon bad for skin? Yes, it is. Read below to find out why.

First, let us list out everything about lemon to know what it actually has in it.

Lemon is full of Vitamin C. And you would be knowing the benefits of VitaminC, isn’t?  Vitamin C helps in antiaging, and boost the production of collagen and reduces dark spots. This sound to be putting lemon on the face is good.

Lemon also contains Niacin that has anti-inflammatory properties and can heal dry and irritated skin. The Alpha hydroxy acid is a good exfoliator and tightens the skin cells for a brighter and smoother toned skin.

After all this applying lemon on the face seems to be highly helpful for the skin and thereby the glow.  But you got to know the true face of lemon which you can find it below.

What makes putting lemon on face disastrous?

Lemon is highly acidic because the pH is just 2. Yes, it has Vitamin C which helps in hyperpigmentation but vitamin C, in turn, is highly acidic. So putting lemon juice on face is no different to putting acid on the face. Technically, you have to know the skin’s natural pH, which is around 5.5 or 6.5. Thus, applying lemon on the face, which has a pH as low as 2 can damage the first layer of the skin and protects moisture where germs and other dirt stay.

lemon on the skin

It will make you experience a high level of irritation and dryer skin. You should understand that not every lemon is the same because you can find some to be sourer than they can find the other. Moreover, the obvious meaning is any random lemon is more acidic when compared to any other random lemon. This acidic nature of the lemon can reduce the dark pigments in the skin can see an increase in white patches. The chances for red and irritated skin are higher by applying lemon on the face.

Lemons have some benefits for the skin. But sometimes the consequences may cost more than the benefits. To be simple, you have to be careful with acids and lemon is no exception for it.