Night time is the best time to take care of our beauty including hair. All of us forget to think that hair also take night time to recover them. If you colored your hair or use any chemical treatments, you have to spend more time to prevent your hair fall. Most of us don’t spend much time to care for our hair. Some of the tips are given to protect your hair from dry, breakage.

Simple tips to prevent hair fall

Don’t tide up your hair while sleeping

While going to bed, you have to lose your hair bands and spins.  The strong band gives over stress to the hair roots for a long time and causes hair fall and damage easily. If you want to tie the hair for avoiding disturb during sleep, you can use any soft bands or clips.

Moreover, the tight band may also cause heat to the head and this increase the hair fall. So the best way to wear hair to bed to prevent breakage is by using soft bands or clips.

prevent hair fall

Completely dry your hair

Most of the people having the habit of wash their hair at night. This is not so wrong but one main thing is dry your hair completely before going to sleep. If you slept with the wet hair, it may soak for a long time and causes damage to the hair. There are many hair dryers are available to dry your hair quickly. After dry your washed hair, you can tie hair at night to preventing hair loss with the soft bands.

Use silk pillowcases

Silk pillow is the best option to prevent your hair fall. When compared to the cotton, silk pillow is gentler fabric. The silk pillow helps to prevent your damages hair, lose hair even you turned overnight.

tie hair at night

Brush your hair before going to sleep

The old trick to prevent hair fall is to brush your hair for more than 20 times per day. If you brush your hair several times per day, you can get shiny and long hair. While brushing your hair, you have to gently brush your hair. This helps to protect hair while sleeping.

These are some of the simple tips to protect hair at night. Spend some time to take care of your hair and have a shiny and long hair.